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Joeleepost online is now a Belly full of laughter

Here, I will share funny  videos and jokes, that will crack you up and have you laughing all day.

If  I can make your day better by sharing a  funny video or a  joke, that would make my day so much better.


Joleeepost online was originally created as a lifestyle and inspiration blog.

However, I created a new website/blog joeleepost.com which is now the new lifestyle and inspiration website.

At joeleepost.com you can enjoy all the posts you used to read here and more!

I have updated with a brand new theme and a fresh look  you will love!

Visit joeleepost.com for all your lifestyle and inspiration posts updates.

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for taking this journey with me.
My hope is that we can enrich each others’ lives as we embarked on this remarkable

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