Funniest Holiday videos-You Will Love These!

Funniest Holiday Videos


Ok. on Bellyful of laughter it is all about the jokes and laughter, nothing too serious.

Here you can lighten your load, relax and enjoy.

So, in the spirit of the holiday season, I searched  the internet, for the funniest holiday videos you can enjoy!

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With that being said enjoy these enjoy!


Funny holiday videos of pets


Pets are often times as cute as our kids, they are also a part of the family.

Just as we capture our kids on videos doing the most hilarious things, so do our pets!

This is so cute it’s not even funny! pets lovers you will enjoy this one!

Too cute


(video courtesy : funny pet videos)

Christmas dinner gone completely wrong!


Ok. am much as some of us would want think that we are a “master chef”

The truth and the fact is we are not!

So, often times thing can go wrong in the kitchen and when they do….oh boy!

I hope this does not happen to you and your Christmas dinner turns out GREAT!

Just don’t copy anything you watch in this video and you’ll be FINE!


(Video courtesy – America’s  funniest Home Videos)


Parents Pranked Thier Son- Funniset  Holiday Videos


OMG! this is to funny watch this family run a Christmas gift prank on their son!

OMG!!  I am tearing up I can’t contained myself! this is a MUST watch!

Oh my god! they are awful parents!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

(Video Courtesy Instavidz)

Funniest holiday pets ever!!!!!!!!!!!


We just can not get enough of these pets!!

so instead of giving you  one holiday pet video I gave you two!

I am too sweet and they are too cute!

Watch these pet clips and bloopers!

You’ll laugh your socks off….


(Video courtesy Waggle TV )


I hope none of you’al turkey don’t look like these!


I would like the make a Public Announcement!!

If your turkey looks like these turkeys in the video I WILL BE LEAVING AS SOON AS I ARRIVE I AM I NOT STAYING FOR THANKSGIVING DINNER!! LOL

ok. back to business!

I just wanted to get that out there so you know if you I come and I leave early that’s my reason…LOL



( Video Courtesy Giullory Family)


Ok so there you have it five of the funniest holiday videos!

Also check out my last post Holiday Jokes

Happy Holidays You’ al!

and remember on BELLYFUL OF LAUGHTER!!

“It’s just jokes!” 


Happy Thanksgiving!!


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