I am excited to share with you changes to this Blog!




Hi Everyone,

You must be wondering why I have not post here in a while.

NO need to worry!

I was busy setting up a new self-hosting website/blog.

where I give you better serve, with simple layout and easier site  navigation.

So, I am happy to share with you that joeleepost.com is now the new Lifestyle and Inspiration Blog/Website.
On joeleepost.com you will get everything you used to get on Joeleepost.onilne  and so much more, with a simpler and clearer layout, navigation around the site is so much easier!
joeleepost.com has two parent categories (Lifestyle and Inspiration) and Seven Sub or Child categories. Ranging from, Inspirational Quotes, Beauty trends, Home & decor, Inspirational Videos ( songs and speeches) and  so much more.

I also, carried over some of your favorite posts , so hop over to joeleepost.com and be completely inspired.

also,when you get there  I would love to hear from you!

Leave a comment on what you think about joeleepost.com

Who doesn’t need a good laugh?

I am so excited to share that Joeleepost.online,  is now video sharing blog!

I will delete all original post on this blog,

So, visit  joeleepost.com for all your  lifestyle and inspirational post.

Thank you!


Now, on this site which is now A BELLY FULL OF LAUGHTER

I will be sharing some of the funniest, most hilarious videos and jokes.

It will not be easy running two sites, however, I  promise I will keep it very interested!




Like I said, I will be making changes on Joeleepost.online to accommodate the new niche,(A belly full of laughter)

that means the website/blog will be under construction for a little while.

Hence, the website will look different when you come here, however you can still navigate around.

I apologies for any inconvenience that this will caused.

In the mean time  visit  joeleepost.com to see your favorite posts.

I will keep making changes to this blog, until I am completely satisfy, with the layout for easier navigation.

so be patient with me, as I make changes to this blog, to serve you better!

Thank you



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